Business Start-ups

How will you establish your business? Will you be a sole trader, or will you register as a partner or a limited company? Your decision should be based on a consideration of the following issues

  • commercial risks;
  • expected profitability;
  • financing;
  • use of car for business purposes;
  • tax planning preparation; and
  • VAT.

Business Plan

There are a number of questions which you must consider in setting out your business plan. Have you set out your business objectives in writing? Can you demonstrate experience and skill in the type of business you wish to launch? How will you finance your company? What are your expected profits?

A good business plan will help you to better understand your current position and give you an indication of your future outcomes. Smith and Co. know the importance of a good business plan, and we’re here to help.
Banks and Finance companies

Smith and Co. have established solid business relationships with all the major banks in Australia and can help you prepare for meetings with bank managers.